Langellier Band Instrument Repair

Repair Services
We offer accessories for sale such as reeds, care & maintenance kits, mouthpieces, and more. 


PLAY CONDITION / LEVEL & ADJUST: Check every pad, key, cork, spring, screw, rod, and fit of tenons. Bent keys are straightened. Necessary key corks, felts, key silencers, teflon or plastic tubing is replaced.

CLEAN (Piccolos, Flutes, & Clarinets only): Instrument is disassembled. Keys are cleaned as possible without damaging pads. Body parts are thoroughly cleaned. Level & adjust per above.

ECONOMY REPAD: All pads are replaced. Missing or torn key, tenon, and neck corks are replaced. Springs are replaced where necessary. Keys are leveled, adjusted, and oiled. 

     Note: Instruments in very poor condition will 
              not qualify for this job.

REPAD: Instrument is disassembled. All body parts and keys are cleaned. Wood body parts are oiled. Keys are fit and action is corrected. All tenon, neck, and head corks are replaced. Springs are replaced as necessary. Keys are leveled, adjusted, and oiled.

FLUSH AND CHEMICAL CLEAN: (Brass Instruments) Instrument is disassembled. All parts are chemically cleaned and tubing is brushed inside and out. Corks, felts, and bumpers are replaced with synthetic material (not felt) so as not to allow felt lent to work into valve casings. Waterkey and valve springs are replaced if necessary. Rotary instruments are restrung. Instrument is lubricated and play tested.